Huy Ngo (babyboitommi) wrote in drama_kids,
Huy Ngo

OH...NO...It's it's it's another DRAMA FREAK

Hey Everybody!

My name's Huy but if anyone calls me that you'll know the other side of hell. Call me Tommi. I go to North Andover High in Mass. I part of the Drama Guild and it's totally rocken. I just joined the DG this year and I fell in love with Acting right there and then. I was on crew for NA's Shakespeare and Co's "Midsummer Night's Dream" and I was camera crew for that one. I was spotted on stage in Cinderella as the clumsy man, ball room dancing with the frightening stepmother and being pushed around by the two stepsisters. And recently I was on stage as a horrid student that palagarized his English paper and get in trouble with his teacher by getting caught copying off Awesome people. Awesome Plays. and Awesome Times. I think I forgot to mention that I'm 16 and I'm a junior.

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